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Best place to visit in Alaska in December

The best place to visit in Alaska in December is Juneau. There are many reasons why you should go there during this month. Firstly, it’s the capital of Alaska and has some events like holiday craft fairs; that take place between November and January every year. Also, Santa Claus House hosts some special events for children on weekends until the Christmas season arrives; furthermore, Juneau City presents a lighted boat parade near the end of the month.


So you see there are two popular holidays celebrated in Juneau city by various cultural groups; so tourists can enjoy both Christmas and Hanukkah festivities during their stay in the town! Furthermore, historical buildings like St Augustine Church provides; unique experiences to visitors throughout December so don’t miss it if you want to enjoy the Christmas events!

Best place to visit in Alaska in December

In addition, you will find various festivals held in both summer and winter. One of them is Juneau Jazz & Classics music festival which takes place every February. In addition, Bear Paw Festival presents a good opportunity for visitors; to taste local food and watch traditional dances performed by local artists; This is the Best place to visit in Alaska in December so don’t miss it while staying in Alaska town! So pack your bags with all necessary items like warm clothing because it’s too cold there during this month!

Denali National Park

The mountain Denali, also known as Mount McKinley, with an elevation; of 20,310 feet (6,190 m) is located in the center of the park. It’s one of the highest peaks in North America being visited; by thousands of people every year during the winter season because it has a unique environment! Visitors enjoy skiing, hiking and camping so don’t miss it if you want to experience; all these things during your stay in Denali National Park!

Copper River Delta

The Copper River delta is known for its various species of waterfowler, coastal scenery, and unique flora. You can find some endangered birds like trump swan living in the area of the river; delta because this place provides suitable habitats for them. Also, one of the most popular plants that grow in this area is wild blueberries; which are used to bake pies! So pack your bags with food items otherwise you can’t eat anything there!

Mendenhall Glacier

The glacier is located at the edge of Juneau city and it’s easy to approach if you have a car. Visitors can go hiking, wildlife viewing, and even camping there! Also, you find a visitors center in Mendenhall; Valley which provides information about this glacier and the mountains surrounding its area. So don’t miss it while traveling to Alaska town during December!

Hubbard Glacier

Hubbard Glacier is the most rapidly advancing glacier in the world moving forward up to one hundred feet per day. It’s located southeast of Juneau city about 60 miles away! Visitors can enjoy kayaking, camping, hiking, photography, and other outdoor activities; there because this place has a unique environment different from any other area in Alaska town!

So don’t miss the opportunity to visit Alaska during this month because of all the aforementioned reasons! The best time to plan a trip there; is during December, so just start exploring the beauty of nature by staying in Juneau city; then you will understand why it’s one of the best places to visit in America!

Kenai Fjords National Park

The park is located about 60 miles north of Seward, Alaska on the Kenai Peninsula. The only way to reach there is by boat or floatplane; so visitors can do fishing, kayaking, camping, etc after getting permission from National Park Services. Staying in nature’s lap will be a unique experience for you because this place has an unforgettable beauty!

Don’t miss visiting Wonder Lake which reflects the images of surrounding mountains; making it look like a mirror especially during the evening time! So pack your bags with warm clothing and try staying; as close to nature as possible otherwise you won’t enjoy your stay in Kenai Fjords National Park!

Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve

Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve are well known for their marine life; such as humpback whales, orcas, sea lions, seals, puffins, and other species. Since 92% of the parking area is covered with glaciers visitors enjoy watching icebergs floating in the water there! Also, you can find some endangered animals like mountain goats; living in Mendenhall Valley which is an ideal habitat for them. So pack your bags and take a chance to visit Alaska during this month!

Fort Ross State Historic Park

Visitors can go fishing, kayaking, wildlife viewing, and hiking after getting permission from rangers at this state park. Every year around 31st December thousands of gray whales start arriving; in the area making it one of the main attractions for visitors. So if you want to experience something unusual don’t miss Fort Ross State Historic Park during December!

Tracy Arm

If you would like to travel to different Alaska towns during December this destination is perfect for you! Tracy Arm Fjord is located about 60 miles south of Juneau city, but; it’s worth staying there because this place has an unforgettable beauty that will please your eyes! Visitors can enjoy kayaking, wildlife viewing, camping, hiking, photography, and other outdoor activities after getting permission from rangers. So don’t miss this chance to see glaciers up close in Tracy Arm Fjord!

Icy Strait Point

The main attraction in Icy Strait Point is a totem park; where visitors can see replicas of traditional native dwellings and learn about their culture. Moreover, this place has a unique market, a village museum, and other outdoor activities; so tourists won’t be bored at all!

Icy Strait Point is located in Hoonah city, Alaska which makes it closer to the Tracy Arm area. Visitors can enjoy seeing humpback whales, bald eagles, puffins, black bears up close; after getting permission from rangers at this place. So don’t miss Icy Strait Point while traveling; to Juneau, because; the view of glaciers touching fjords will make your trip unforgettable!

Climbing to the summit of Mount Roberts is one of the most popular things to do; there because from that spot you will have an amazing view over Juneau city and Gastineau Channel! So don’t miss it while traveling to Alaska town during December!

China Bay & Spruce Island

Spruce Island is located up near the bay which takes its name from its green color due to vegetation. It’s surrounded by water on three sides so staying close to nature is a must for you! Also, this place has an authentic museum where visitors can learn about local people. You should visit China Bay and Spruce Island during December; because this destination offers unforgettable views of waterfalls and glaciers which will make your trip worthwhile!

Best place to visit in Alaska in December

There are many more places to visit in Alaska during December but we’re just discussing Some of them. So don’t wait any longer and start packing your bags right now! Also, take your family with you because there are chances that they will thank you for this trip! The best time to explore the beauty of nature is during December so enjoy this opportunity while it lasts!

These are some places that you should visit during December; because there are lots of things to do and experience there like attending various events held between; Thanksgiving and Christmas every year so enjoy your trip by exploring all these destinations mentioned above!

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