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Best Time to Travel to Peru Machu Picchu

The Best Time to Travel To Peru Machu Picchu depends on what you are looking for. If you want to do some hiking between May and September; then Late Spring or Early Fall are ideal times to go. Peruvian hikers start their treks before the heat sets in around; June and finish around early October when the snow starts falling at high altitudes. Because these treks can be strenuous, it’s important that you have enough time; to acclimatize yourself before undertaking any major trekking.


If you want to go trekking or take a tour, then June and July should be avoided; as the Inca Trail is closed from the 1st of May until the 15th of October; due to heavy flooding from the warm weather melting snow from the mountains during those months.

Hiking isn’t the only way to see this beautiful part of Peru though, as there are other activities; available all year round so it depends on what activity you like doing most! If you love taking photos then bird watching is best done in winter (July-September) but; if you like looking at historical sites in December and March when they are illuminated by bright sunlight.

Peru is an amazing place but it does have its drawbacks as well such as the rain; It rains every day but usually only for a few minutes and the sun comes out; again so you shouldn’t be put off by all of this!

Best Time to Travel to Peru Machu Picchu

There is no question that Peru, located in the southern hemisphere, experiences a dramatically different climate than the United States. As such, tourists might think they should travel to Peru at certain times of the year; because those times would correspond with pleasant weather here. For example, many people consider the summer months (July-August) as the “high season” for tourism; in Peru because it’s warm and dry there during those months. In reality, though, these are some of the worst times; to visit since that is when average highs for Cusco range from 76-85F/24-29C degrees, and rainfall can be heavy! Conversely, December through February tend to see lows around 53F/11C degrees; but average temperatures climb to 67-77F/19-25C degrees, which is more typical for the region.

Best Time to Travel to Peru Machu Picchu

The truth is that Peru can be visited any time of year with great experiences; to be had during every month of the year! Here are some tips on what season(s) you might want to consider if based on your interests.

Hiking Season – May & September (Avoid June & July!)

If you plan on hiking in Peru, then rainy months like September and May; are prime times to visit since they will provide rain at low elevations while leaving high elevations relatively dry. This means many hikes will still be open but some may have sections closed temporarily due to heavy rainfall. As such, the earlier you go in these months the better since much of the trail; may still be open and dry. Keep in mind though that much higher elevations will still receive significant snowfall; during May and September (including parts of Machu Picchu), which can make hiking at high altitudes impossible or difficult.

Birdwatching Season – January-June & October (Avoid July-September!)

Many bird species migrate during specific times to avoid harsh weather conditions. Therefore, if you plan on going bird-watching in Peru; January through June and October are the BEST times to visit because they provide ideal environmental conditions for migrating birds! It also happens to be one of the best times for visiting Peru due to warm days and cool evenings; so many people combine the two experiences!

Festival Season – February-April & September (Avoid May-August!)

Every year Lima, Cusco, and Arequipa host dozens of festivals throughout the year. Some examples include Inti Raymi (Cusco), Fiestas Patrias (Lima); and Fiesta de la Vendimia (Arequipa) which attract millions of people annually to experience Peru’s rich cultural heritage. Keep in mind that the months with the most festivals happen to be some; of the best times for visiting Peru so you can catch all these amazing events; without having to battle large crowds or higher prices by traveling outside peak season(s)!

The Time for Machu Picchu – April-October

Without question, one of the top reasons people travel to Peru is to visit Macchu Picchu. If you are considering going there while basing; your time in Peru then April through October provide nice weather conditions with amazing views! Keep in mind that; December through March would be relatively cold and cloudy while November could see some; rain which might make hiking up Huayna Picchu Mountain difficult. The best months by far for visiting Macchu Picchu are April through October; since they not only tend to have wonderful weather but also avoid many of the large crowds; that come during February & March. Please click HERE for more information about when is best to visit Macchu Picchu.

People Watching – Anytime…Seriously!

Yes, the number one reason people travel to Peru is because of Machu Picchu and there’s no doubt; that February-April & September-October are some of the best months for visiting Macchu Picchu. However, most visitors don’t realize that there are actually SEVEN other UNESCO World Heritage Sites; in Peru including Chavín de Huántar (near Huaraz), Paracas National Reserve (near Ica), Nasca Lines; (near Nasca), Historic Centre of Cusco, Sacred City of Caral (Supe), Chan Chan Archaeological Zone, and Monuments of the Incas!

With so many amazing places to visit in Peru, it is said that any month; you choose to go will provide you with an experience of a lifetime!

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